“It would be simpler if entrepreneurship were a science, with clear paths and recipes to follow. But it is not. Being an entrepreneur requires constant learning, vision, imagination, adaptability and most of all, unbreakable will.”

What makes me tick:

the will to improve myself through improving the world

Mantra: “There is nothing to fear but the fear itself”

Orientation: “Future”

Drive: “Passion”

Dreams: Creating a significant global company

Further studying philosophy and history

Finishing my book about different worlds we live in at the same time and space

What I like most about myself:

interest in such a wide range of fields which often gives me a unique insight

Exchanging views with incredible people

Walking through virtually reconstructed streets of the beautiful city of Königsberg

No one is going to outwork outlearn me

The languages I am fully proficient in

No. 1 personal trait: p e r s i s t e n c e

 Tools & Technologies

    Cinema 4D

    Computer Hardware



    HTC Vive

    Adobe Photoshop

    After Effects

    Adobe Premiere Pro




Other Skills

    GUI development


    Start-up Ventures

    Lean Thinking

    Motion Capture





    Virtual Tours

    3D Scanning


    3d scanning


    Structure Sensor

    3D Virtual Reconstruction

    Ancient Architecture

    Mobile VR

    Instagram Marketing

my interests

Top areas of expertize

    Cultural Heritage

    Virtual Reality (VR)

    3D Animation


Industry Knowledge

    IT Strategy

    Graphic Design

    Web Design

    Market Research

    Marketing Communications

    Construction Drawings


    Character Animation

    Motion Graphics

Latin is spoken by me nearly in real-time. Roma non uno die aedificata est. Parva scintilla saepe magnam flammam excitat. Et variae actiae, exempli gratia Actio de pauperie, Interdictum de vi armata, et cetera.

Archeology Architecture Art Aviation Comics Design Economics Education Fashion History Literature

Lost civilizations Opera Philosophy Sociology Sport Technology UX design Virtual Reality

what I value most in others

Attention to detail Focus Honesty Integrity Intelligence Open-mindedness Trustworthiness Vision